German Army (Heer) Daggers

The Army Dagger of the Wehrmacht was introduced in 1935 on the orders of the Chief of the Army Command and became a significant sidearm for officers. Renowned artist Paul Casberg was responsible for its design, personally inspected and approved by the then Reich Chancellor.

Despite Casberg's association with Eickhorn, the production of the Army Dagger was expanded to involve around 33 companies, including those specializing in Luftwaffe edged weapons, such as SMF. Early daggers, often hand-finished due to suboptimal production conditions, are highly sought after, differing noticeably from later models made of zinc or war metal. Each dagger came with a portepee and hanger, with aluminum also being used over time.

In 1942, production was temporarily or completely halted due to war-related necessities, as documented in a Uniform Market report. Additionally, in 1944, the wearing of the dagger was entirely prohibited in favor of the pistol.

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Description of the Heeres Officer Dagger:

The Heeres Officer Dagger, introduced in 1935, is a significant cultural relic from the Third Reich era. Designed by renowned artist Paul Casberg, this dagger embodies the military elegance of Wehrmacht officers with its graceful design.

We are interested in various variants of the Heeres Officer Dagger, regardless of the manufacturer and condition. Early handcrafted pieces are as welcome as later models made of zinc or war metal. Each dagger should come with its original portepee and hanger.

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