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Purchase: SA Dagger [Early Version] by Undine Solingen

Meisenburg Kuno UNDINE

This SA [Sturmabteilung] Undine Dagger is in EXC+ condition. Model 1933. The total length is 37.3 cm. Early Nickel fittings, lower guard with "Ho" stamp. The Dagger has the very rare maker mark on the blade: Undine Solingen.

Grip: Nickel silver hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina with lower reverse crossguard group marked, “Ho” (Hochland). Medium brown, wooden grip shows light surface wear with no hairline cracks, chips or damage, and features early production grip-to-crossguard fit. Grip is complete with silver grip eagle and SA insert properly inset.

Blade: This blade is in uncleaned condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the firm's name, Logo and location, “Undine Solingen”.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The anodized finish on this shell is really in fine condition. There are also traces of protective lacquer clinging to the areas that were protected by the mounts. They exactly match the patination of the crossguards, and are retained by four nickel screws.

  • SA Dagger [Early Version] by Undine Solingen

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