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Purchase: SA Dagger [Early Version] by Ernst Röttgen, Solingen

Röttgen Ernst, Solingen

This SA [Sturmabteilung] Dagger is in EXC++ condition. Model 1933. The total length is 37.3 cm. Early Nickel fittings, lower guard with "P" stamp. The Dagger has one of the rarest maker on the blade: Ernst Röttgen, Solingen.

Grip: The grip is a fine mahogany of Medium Contour construction. It is in perfect condition and fits the crossguards like a rubber glove. The SA runes button is nicely placed. The crossguards and tang nut on this piece are in nice condition. The guards have excellent smooth surfaces, crisply defined edges and precisely cut accent grooves. The lower reverse guard is marked “P”.

Blade: The blade is in mint condition, with a needle-like tip. The reverse of the blade is marked with the rarely seen Röttgen trademark. The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the appealing logo showing boat. Below the boatlogo is the firm's name, “Ernst Röttgen”, and the location, “Solingen”. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It is in fine condition. The matching nickel scabbard mounts are also in fine condition. They exactly match the patination of the crossguards, and are retained by four nickel screws.

  • SA Dagger [Early Version] by Ernst Röttgen, Solingen

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