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Purchase: NPEA Graduation Student Dagger - Karl Burgsmuller Berlin-Charlottenburg 5

Burgsmüller Karl Berlin

NPEA Student Dagger by Karl Burgsmuller. A beautiful piece here. Type 1 KARL BURGSMULLER in an arch above BERLIN, CHARLOTTENBURG 5 Distributor Mark/TM. Model 1935. The total length is 37,3 cm.

Grip: Nickel-silver crossguards show only faint surface wear/age and no damage with tang properly secured. Crossguards are stamped with NPEA School. The Oranienstein NPEA was from 1934 to 1945 as a prepatory school for younger students. Reddish-brown, fine-grained wooden grip shows only light wear.

Blade: Polished blade grades EXC++ with minor surface wear/runner marks and some minor speckling but, no nicks and no damage to cutting edge. Crisp, deeply-etched motto, Mehr sein als scheinen. (Be More Than You Appear to Be) displays the correct standard s in the second and fourth word. The inscription features dark background frosting with contrasting open space to the left of each letter, and the blade is complete with a rust/brown felt buffer pad.

Scabbard: Dent-free steel scabbard retains approximately 95% of the original olive drab enamel.

  • NPEA Graduation Student Dagger - Karl Burgsmuller Berlin-Charlottenburg 5

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