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Purchase: SA Dagger with hanger [Early Version] - P. D. Lüneschloss, Solingen

Lüneschloss P. D., Solingen

P. D. Lüneschloss, Solingen TM. Nickel-silver hilt fittings show very light surface wear/age patina with lower crossguard group marked; “S” for Schlesien. Medium brown, fine-grained wooden grip shows light surface wear with early quality fine furniture finish with no cracks or chips. The early silver grip eagle with light surface wear matching the hilt fittings and SA insert are properly inset.  Early quality mirror polished blade grades EX+ showing surface wear/runner marks. Deeply etched SA motto retain 98% of the medium gray background frosting. Steel scabbard shows light surface wear/minor wear retaining approximately 90% of the brown anodized finish to shell. Dent-free, nickel-silver fittings show light surface wear/yellow age patina matching the hilt fittings.

  • SA Dagger with hanger [Early Version] - P. D. Lüneschloss, Solingen

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