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Purchase: Hitler Youth Knife [Late-period] by M7/80 (Gustav Spitzer Solingen)

Spitzer C. Gustav, Solingen

This Hitler Youth Knife is a Late-period Model (1940-1942). The total length is 25,2 cm. The Knife has the RZM Code: M7/80 (Gustav Spitzer Solingen).

Grip: The grip plates are the checkered Bakelite type. They are in fine condition, being retained by nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads. The enamel HJ insignia is in fine condition throughout.

Blade: The blade of this knife is a EXC++ example. This blade is the late-period type. The reverse of the blade is marked with a RZM circle and code: RZM M7/80 for Gustav Spitzer Solingen.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell has good, original paint. This paint has a few mild age spots spread evenly throughout the surface. Attached to the scabbard is a leather hanger.

  • Hitler Youth Knife [Late-period] by M7/80 (Gustav Spitzer Solingen)

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