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Purchase: Miniature Navy Officer Dagger by Hörster Solingen

Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen

This Hörster example is a miniature of Kriegsmarine 2nd Model, 1938. The maker mark is stamped by E.& F. Hörster Solingen.

Grip: The crossguard has the usual fouled anchors in the center blocks, with a decoration of acanthus leaves on the sides of the quillon arms. The button ends are nicely hand enhanced. The grip has small damage, it is tightly wrapped with springy copper wire.

Blade: The dark and crisp acid etched fouled anchor blade on this one looks great! The fit is nice and tight and the tip comes to a perfect point. The obverse ricasso is stamped with E.&F. Hörster Solingen trademark.

Scabbard: The scabbard is a Army Dagger type. The scabbard is straight as an arrow. It retains its crisp pebbled panel design. There are frosted remains in the protected areas around the carrying bands.

  • Miniature Navy Officer Dagger by Hörster Solingen

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