Red Cross EM Hewer [M1938] with Leather Frog

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single-edged with saw


413 mm


816 g


Leather Frog


Near Mint

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Red Cross EM Hewer [M1938] with Leather Frog

This DRK [Deutsches Rotes Kreuz] Red Cross Enlisted Man's Hewer is in Near Mint condition throughout. Model 1938. The total length is 41.3 cm.

Grip: The hilt fittings of this example have good nickeling throughout. Even the edges of the pommel and crossguard still have full plating. The crossguard oval depicts a half open-winged eagle, looking to the viewer’s left, having a mobile raised swastika on has breast, and clutching a cross in his talons.

Blade: The blade of this example is still in MINT condition. It is equipped with the blunted tip and the sawback spine. The original black leather blade washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell is black painted. The lower nickel fitting is the pressed on type. The upper throat fitting is retained by two domehead screws. There is a fine black leather frog attached. This frog has the usual 4-rivet construction, and on the reverse it is stamped.

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