TeNo Officer’s Dagger M1938 by Carl Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen
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Eickhorn Carl, Solingen








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TeNo Officer’s Dagger M1938 by Carl Eickhorn Solingen

This TeNo [Technische Nothilfe] Officer's Dagger is in near mint condition throughout. Model 1938. The total length is 43.0 cm. The Teno Leader Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: Original Eickhorn in Solingen.

Grip: The grip is a most attractive, yellow color. This grip is in fine condition throughout. The pommel cap has all of the nickel plating intact throughout. This cap has good, crisp edges and features three circles on each side which surround the TeNo symbol of a cogwheel. Most of the factory blackening appears in the recesses. The crossguard, featuring the TeNo eagle, is in fairly nice condition, having a few lifts in the surfaces. The crossguard eagle still has fine detail throughout, and most of the factory darkening is in the backgrounds of the bird's head and feathering, as well as the serrations that appear on the four legs of the swastika. Superimposed over the swastika is the TeNo gearwheel logo, with a “T” shaped hammer and the letter “N” combined.

Blade: The blade is a fine example. The obverse ricasso is etched with the number “1454” which matches the stamping on the scabbard throat. The reverse ricasso is etched with a TeNo eagle, being the same as the example on the guard, and having the protected patent term, “Ges. Gesch” on with side of the talons. Beneath the eagle is the Eickhorn 1935-1941 trademark. This trademark consists of a squirrel holding a downward pointing sword, beneath the word “Original”. Beneath the rodent is the name and location of the firm, “Eickhorn Solingen”. The original leather blade buffer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard has about 95% of the original blackening it the pebbled panels. These panels are still crisp throughout. There is also blackening on the decorative lines on the carrying bands, as well as on the details of the lower chape fitting. The throat is the typical thick Eickhorn style, which is retained by a center-placed screw on the reverse. The throat is etched with the serial number, “1454”.

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