Postal Protection Leader's Dagger [1939] by Paul Weyersberg Solingen

Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen

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Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen






391 mm


548 g


Chain with snap clip



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Postal Protection Leader's Dagger [1939] by Paul Weyersberg Solingen

This Postal Protection Leader's Dagger is in EXC+ uncleaned condition. This example is an early variety, having heavy nickel plated mounts, with fine, bright, nickel plated surfaces. Model 1939. The reverse ricasso is etched with the oval trademark of this firm. The ovals contain the firm’s name and location, Paul Weyersberg Solingen.

Grip: The grip is a ebony wood, which is bulbous in the center, and tapers at the upward and downward area, to make for a fine handhold. This grip is in EXC+ condition, having no chips repairs. Applied to the center obverse area, is a nickel postal eagle. This eagle is open winged and looks to the viewer's left. There are three lightning bolt arrows on each side, just below the well detailed wings of the bird. Below the lightning bolts, is a wreath of oak leaves with a mobile swastika in the center. The pommel is in the shape of a derby cap, and it still retains good, rounded edges at the top and crisp edges on the equator like section that comes outward from the middle. The crossguard has excellent, handcut lines on both sides of the quillons with a separate medallion device mounted in the center. This rounded device features a black enamel swastika on both sides. The enameling is still there on both sides. Above the center block is the head of an eagle, which is always an interesting design, the way it is worked into this crossguard. The bird has hand cut eye and brow behind it, and its beak which juts outward at the left, is still nice and crisp.

Blade: In fact, this blade has a needle like tip with crossgraining. The reverse ricasso is etched with the double ovals, which contain the producer's name and location, "PAUL WEYERSEBERG SOLINGEN". Inside is a downward pointing sword, with a wreath of wheat shafts. This trademark is very dark etched, indicating great preservation. A beautiful blade here, which has been protected by the in place black leather washer.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell has 100% original black paint. This original paint also still has its factory luster. The scabbard mounts are the early solid nickel type. The mounts are retained by headless, side screws which are all in place. The upper and center ramp are equipped with eyelets and carrying rings. Attached to the carrying rings, is a fine chain with snap clip. The snap clip has the built in patent on the reverse being, "DRGM". The chains have a series of round links, and there are nine ringlets at the top, and twelve ringlets at the bottom.

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