DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - Paul Weyersberg Solingen

Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen

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Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen






353 mm


422 g (with Hanger)


Short leather-hanger



Question to product? Product number 2174-ZWEI0290

DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - Paul Weyersberg Solingen

DLV Glider Pilot's Dagger - Paul Weyersberg This Weyersberg DLV piece is equipped with early, nickel, solid mounts throughout.

Grip: The pommel is in excellent condition, with no hits, and has fine, crisp tiers. The center block of the crossguard is equipped with the inserted medallions, which have perfect black enamel to the swastikas. The crossguard arms are in excellent condition. The wood based grip is bulbous in the center, tapering on the ends.

Blade: The blade shows some minor age. This blade grades at excellent to excellent. The reverse ricasso is marked with the ovals, containing the Paul Weyersberg logo, with sword pointing downward between two wheat shafts. The original blue leather washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The leather is perfect. The scabbard mounts are in perfect condition, including the lower ball. These mounts exactly match the patination of the upper mounts. The four flat style side screws are all in place.

Hanger:The short hanger is attached, having fairly good brown leather, but care should be given with handling this leather. The leather is retained by the two nickel ovals, which each have two rivets. The matching, unmarked, nickel, snap clip works well.

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