Bulgarian Royal Infantry Dagger [M1936] with Hangers by Robert Klaas Solingen

Klaas Robert, Solingen

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Klaas Robert, Solingen




С нами Богъ «God with us»




405 mm


440 g (with Hangers)


Two-piece silver hanger cast lined



Question to product? Product number 2501-22221VII

Bulgarian Royal Infantry Dagger [M1936] with Hangers by Robert Klaas Solingen

This Bulgarian Royal Infantry Dagger is in EXC++ condition. Model 1936. The total length is 40.5 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: Robert Klaas Solingen.

Grip: The grip of this dagger is a orange color and remains in perfect condition. The cross guard itself features the Bulgaria coat of arms on one side and the Military Order of Bravery 1912 on the other. It exhibits crisp details and high relief, complemented by an oakleafed ferrule. The pommel's brass end exhibits some common yet small contact marks as well.

Blade: The factory polished blade is a clean example with crossgrain. The logo is the stamped Robert Klaas kissing cranes that is considered to be the only accepted maker for these rare daggers. The leather blade buffer is in place. The Dagger features finely detailed engraved blade, with untouched edges. The Blade remaining bright and crisp. The obverse has the cypher of Tsar Boris III as well as "Za Nami Boga" (God is with Us) on the reverse.

Scabbard: This scabbard is straight and has excellent silver plating. This plating is nicely patinated throughout. The bands are particularly interesting as they depict oak leaves which have been completely hand rendered. These oak leaves have pebbled backgrounds and are made in a series of lines to resemble veins. detailed bands featuring the distinctive Klaas astrix (X).The throat is retained by two side screws.

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