German Cross

The War Order of the German Cross was established on September 28, 1941, by Adolf Hitler, explicitly for the Wehrmacht. Created in both Silver and Gold variants, its purpose was to honor soldiers who already possessed the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class and had distinguished themselves through courageous acts in combat, yet did not meet the criteria for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross or the Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross. The award required ownership of the Iron Cross 1st Class or the War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords.

Despite the prerequisites, the German Cross in Gold was not an intermediate stage, and even holders of the Knight's Cross could be honored with it. An embroidered version was approved in 1942 and applied to various fabric bases depending on the weapon type. A special version with diamonds was personally reserved by Adolf Hitler but was never awarded. A few pieces (20) were taken to the USA as war booty. The design was by Prof. Klein from Munich, and the award numbers were around 24,300 in Gold and 1,100 in Silver.

The pin order is designed in the shape of an 8-pointed star with a large round center shield. The ray wreath is gray-black with silver tips on the rays, while the back features a vertical pin and 4 hollow head rivets.

The heavy variants differed in the alloy composition, indicating a higher copper content due to material shortages. Various manufacturers are known, and numerical markings are located on the needle above or below. Manufacturer numbers like 1, 2, 20, 21, or the number 134 are stamped in the middle of the back.

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We are interested in German Crosses from various eras and with different manufacturer marks. Whether it's the Gold or Silver version, we are interested in well-preserved pieces with or without the original case. The distinctive front with the prominent swastika surrounded by a laurel wreath, as well as the detailed back with a pin and manufacturer's markings, are of particular interest to us.

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