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Our mission has been to offer customers an accurate value for their WW2 German Dagger and pay fair prices for them. If you have a WW1 and WW2 German Dagger or Militaria for sale please contact us today.


We are always looking to buy WW1 or WW2 German Daggers. We will offer top euro for your German Dagger. We have literally hundreds of dealers and collectors from around the world looking for good authentic Daggers to buy. Because of our large database of buyers you are assured the fairest price on the market today for your German Dagger (SA, SS, RAD, TENO, ....) or militaria.


Whether you are selling just one WW2 German SS Dagger or a whole collection of WW2 Militaria Collectibles, we would like to hear from you.


It's easy too. Just e-mail us a few good photos of your WW2 German SS Dagger and we will let you know what you have, what it is worth and what a dealer will pay for it. Give German´s one of most trusted WW2 German Dagger Dealer today.


Convince yourself of our services and contact us!


We strive to complete every transaction with accuracy, honesty and integrity!

Give us a call on the number: +49(0)30 – 6500 1800 or send us an email: ankauf@dg.de


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dg.dg - Ankauf Dolch: Rückansicht mit Hersteller

Common Inscriptions of items we buy

  • Meine Ehre heisst Treue Dagger
  • Alles für Deutschland Dagger
  • Deutschland über Alles Dagger
  • Blut und Ehre! Dagger
  • Arbeit adelt Dagger
  • RZM M7 Dagger
  • Original Carl Eickhorn
  • and other...


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