Henckels J.A. ZWILLING, Solingen



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Henckels J.A. ZWILLING, Solingen

Henckels J.A. (ZWILLINGSWERK), Solingen | RZM M7/10

Henckels J.A. ZWILLING, Solingen

On 13 June 1731 Peter Henckels registered the "Zwilling" (German for Twin) logo with the Cutlers’ Guild of Solingen. This makes Zwilling one of the oldest trademarks in the world. 40 years later, Peter's son Johann Abraham Henckels (1771-1850) was born, who would later re-name the company after himself. The Henckels logo has been in the current shape with a red background since 1969. J. A. Henckles Twin Brand Razors and Shears promotional postcard, ca. 1930-1945. J.A. Henckels opened the first trading outlet in 1818 in Berlin, opening a shop in New York in 1883 and followed a year later by Vienna and in 1897 by Copenhagen and Rotterdam. In 1909 Henckels set up its first subsidiary in the U.S., followed by Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, China. In 2008, subsidiaries were set up in Great Britain and Brazil. JA Henckels was awarded the Grand Prix prize in Paris in 1900 and the Grand Prix of St. Louis in 1904. It was also awarded with the Prussian State Golden Medal. Henckels was also given a Royal warrant of appointment as purveyors of knives to the Imperial and Royal Court of Austria-Hungary.

Quelle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._A._Henckels

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