DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger by Stöcker & Co. (SMF), Solingen

Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen

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Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen






338 mm


400 g (with Hanger)


Short leather-hanger



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DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger by Stöcker & Co. (SMF), Solingen

German DLV [Deutscher Luftsportverband] Glider Pilot´s Dagger. Model 1934 - 1st version. This DLV Glider Pilot's Dagger is a real beauty, being in EXC+ condition. The dagger has the early, solid nickel mounts which have good silvered surfaces. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: SMF Solingen.

Grip: The Dagger has fine heavy nickel mounts throughout. The crossguard has a square center mount with an inserted medallion on both sides. This medallion is decorated with enameled mobile swastikas, both of which are in perfect condition with no hits. The quillon arms slope downward and are in the characteristic tripartite design, evoking the image of a set of wings. The usual “K” stamping can be seen on one of the crossguard ends, which no doubt is the initial of the producer of these mounts. One the opposite crossguard end is a "H".

Blade: The blade on this example is in EXC+ condition having fine needlelike tip. The reverse ricasso is marked with the well-known seated king trademark of the SMF firm (Stöcker & Co., Solingen), and the matching blue leather blade buffer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is completely straight and has blue Moroccan leather covering with very fine grain. This leather is in good condition, matching the grip exactly. The scabbard mounts are of matching nickel silver. These mounts have twin decorative lines just in from the edges, and are retained by nickel sides screws which are in place.

Hanger: The ring has an attached short hanger which is in EXC+ condition, matching the rest of the piece. The leather is retained by two oval nickel rings, one on each side, both of which are in turn retained by two rivets. The solid nickel silver snap clip is an early unmarked example, matching the metal on the rest of the piece.

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