SS Dagger [Late Version] with certificate - RZM M7/37, RZM 1051/38 SS

Klaas Robert, Solingen

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Klaas Robert, Solingen


1938-1942 [Late Version]


Meine Ehre heißt Treue «My honor is loyalty»




398 mm


398 g


excellent plus

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SS Dagger [Late Version] with certificate - RZM M7/37, RZM 1051/38 SS

This late SS Dagger is a good example. The crossguards are the nickel-plated type, and they still have a good bright finish to the plating, showing some freckling in the surfaces but virtually no plating missing. The tang nut is also matching and in good shape showing a little wear to the plating around the top edges. The grip is a very fine example still remaining in good condition. This fine grip has medium contour construction and shows usage. The SS runes button is nicely positioned having centered SS runes with double circles around the borders. The enamel is perfect across the surfaces. The grip eagle is the aluminum style. This bird has a high-necked eagle with outstanding detail to its head, breast feathering, wing feathering, talons, wreath and swastika. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The scabbard mounts are the nickel-plated steel type and they still retain their factory brightness. These mounts are in perfect condition to include the lower ball and are retained by the four dome head screws which are all in place. The blade is nice and bright throughout. On the obverse the blade has all of the crossgraining and other than some runner marks it is in near full mint condition. The SS motto is nice and crisp and also has 100% of the background darkening. The reverse blade having a few minor age signs in the surfaces but the graining appears to still be all there. The reverse ricasso is marked RZM M7/37 (Robert Klaas, Solingen-Ohligs), RZM 1051/38 SS. The blade shoulders perfectly fit the lower crossguard contour. SS Dagger together with certificate.

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