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Purchase: Slovak Army & Government Official NCO Dagger [M1940]

This Slovak Army & Government Official NCO Dagger is in EXC+ condition. Model 1939/ 1940. The total length is 38.0 cm. The Dagger is without maker mark on the blade.

Grip: The pommel is a two-stage affair, having pebbled backgrounds. The pebbling extends to the backgrounds of the ferrule. Raised out of the ferrule is the coat-of-arms of the Slovak State, a double-style cross. The crossguard arms flair upward. The tops of the arms are also pebbled, while both edges are grooved. Black celluloid grip plates are attached by two nickel rivets.

Blade: The blade is in fine condition throughout. The blade is protected by original blade buffer. The blade is pressed into the hilt. It is nickel-plated, and is still in excellent condition. It reflects a center ridge, double edged design, having short ricasso.

Scabbard: The scabbard reflects the same pebbled surface, with dull nickel finish. There is an upper, lower and center fitting of matching material. The upper and center fittings are equipped with carrying rings.

  • Slovak Army & Government Official NCO Dagger [M1940]

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