Large Shepherd Dog (Großer Schäferhund) Allach # 76 – Prof. Theodor Kärner

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Allach Nr. 76 - Large Shepherd Dog


Porzellan Manufaktur Allach München GmbH


Th. Kärner - 76


h=255 mm, l=410 mm


1689 g


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Large Shepherd Dog (Großer Schäferhund) Allach # 76 – Prof. Theodor Kärner

This is the exceptionally rare large Allach German shepherd model number 76 by Theodor Kärner. The "Großer Schäferhund" is one of the largest and most exlusive of all Allach animal figures. Modeled with acute attention to detail and perfect conformation, this fine antique porcelain dog shows the Allach entwined rune trademark, the ‘TH. KARNER’ signature and model "76" impressed in the underside of the base. Condition of this exquisitly fine antique German porcelain figurine statue is near mint.

Large Shepherd Dog (Großer Schäferhund) Allach # 76 – Prof. Theodor Kärner

During a deeply dark part of history some the best artisans and porcelain workers in Germany were summoned to work for one company, the “Porzellan Manufaktur Allach”. Famous artists who produced models for the Allach factory were art director Professor Theodor H. Kärner and Richard Förster (both originally working for Rosenthal in Selb) as well as Professor Wilhelm Krieger who also worked for the company of Lorenz Hutschenreuther in Selb. The quality of the porcelain pieces produced at this factory is extraordinary, and due to very limited production numbers and years of operation, original Allach pieces demand very high prices. At the end of World War II in Germany, the original Allach molds were confiscated by the Allies. Allach made only 143 of this large German-shepherd model ‘76’ from 1938-1939 (see Allach Porcelain 1936-1945 Vol. 2 (Porrell) page 412).

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