Julleuchter (Yule Lantern) by Allach

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Porzellan Manufaktur Allach München GmbH


220 x 113 mm


621 g



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Julleuchter (Yule Lantern) by Allach

SS-Julleuchter by S.S. Porzellan Manufaktur Allach München GmbH. The SS-Julleuchter was considered both an award and trophy of the German Schutzstaffel that was presented to members of the SS from approximately 1936 until 1944 as a service decoration. Manufactured by the Allach porcelain company, the SS Julleuchter was presented to any SS member who participated in a Julfest. Condition of this exquisitly fine antique German porcelain figurine statue is EXC+.

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