Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword [M1935] by E.&F. Hörster Solingen

Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen

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Hörster E. & F. Co., Solingen


M1935 [Early Version]




901 mm


609 g


Near Mint

Question to product? Product number 1502-3516II

Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword [M1935] by E.&F. Hörster Solingen

This early Luftwaffe Sword [Air Force] has never been cleaned. Model 1935. The total length is 90.1 cm. The Sword has maker mark on the blade E.&F. Hörster Solingen.

Grip: The grip is a carved wood base, and is covered with a fine blue Moroccan leather. The grip is tightly wrapped with springy copper wire. The pommel is an near mint example, having no hits to the rim edges. The rim is stamped with a fine decoration of connected oak leaves and acorns, and it has the medallion insert style sun-wheel swastika. The crossguard has the same medallion inserts. The guard is the three section variety, which slopes downward and bears good, enhanced feathering.

Blade: The blade of this piece is a 72,0 cm example. It is a real beauty, with highest quality nickel-plated surfaces. It is marked on the reverse ricasso, “E.&F. Hörster Solingen”. Above the trademark is a waffenamt, consisting of a stickbird with a number “5” visible in his belly. The original blue leather blade washer is in place, in good condition.

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