Imperial Naval Sword of Admiral Karlgeorg Schuster by WKC

Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC

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Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC




903 mm


830 g



Question to product? Product number 1457-15316II

Imperial Naval Sword of Admiral Karlgeorg Schuster by WKC

This impressive Imperial Naval Sword was carried throughout the long career of its owner, spanning the early 1900's, the First World War. The Sword has the maker mark on the blade: WKC Solingen.

Grip: The grip has very pleasing golden hues throughout its surfaces and it is in perfect condition. The grip is wrapped with twisted brass wire. The pommel is the standard lion head variety with long style jaw. This cat has had his whiskers hand enhanced as well as the mane area which runs partially down the backstrap. This fine cat is fitted with red faceted eye following the nautical navigational theme. The backstrap features raised floral designs with fleur de lis designs which surround an open area which was reserved for a monogram. The grip tabs also have matching floral designs. The ferrule below features standard raised oak leaves and acorns. The “D” guard is a fairly narrow type and it also features raised floral designs having good enhancing and pebbled backgrounds. The obverse clamshell is the hinged type which folds upward. This clamshell features an imperial crown positioned over a fouled anchor on a forty-five degree angle. The clamshell border is surrounded with floral designs. The reverse clamshell also folds to provide a blade lock. This clamshell is engraved with the original owner’s surname, “Schuster” Admiral Karlgeorg Schuster.

Blade: The blade of this example is a real beauty having high quality nickel-plated finish. The blade is equipped with the quillback at the top and is double etched. This blade is in full mint condition being nice and bright and very appealing. The blade is quite long for a naval sword being 76,6 cm in length. The obverse blade has an outstanding panel in the center which is flanked by floral designs at the end area with a pitchfork and at the beginning area it features a warship which is flying the imperial ensigns. The designs of the imperial flag can be nicely seen in this etch. The reverse of the blade has a very fine etch which features an Imperial crown over a fouled anchor. The obverse ricasso has the turn of the century maker mark featuring the king and knight over the firm’s initials, “WKC Solingen”. There is no etching to the spine on this beautiful blade.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is a typical black leather type having the dual line decoration on the edges of both sides. The scabbard mounts are really sensational, and were a extra cost option. These mounts are retained by large staples which are all in place. Karlgeorg Schuster

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