RAD Leader´s Dagger [M1937] with initials by Alcoso Solingen

Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen

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Coppel Alexander ALCOSO Solingen




Arbeit adelt (Work ennobles)




400 mm


452 g




Initials "WS"

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RAD Leader´s Dagger [M1937] with initials by Alcoso Solingen

This RAD Officer's Dagger by Alcoso is in EXC++ condition. Model 1937 for Leader. The total length is 40.0 cm. The Hewer has the maker mark on the blade: Alcoso (ACS) Solingen.

Grip: The hilt plating throughout the noble eagle’s head is all there and also is complete. The ferrule has the decorative lines running on forty-five degree angles on the ferrule. The crossguard features quillon arms that curl to a swirl at the quillons. The obverse features a spade which is lined and has a superimposed swastika placed between two wheat shafts. The grip plates are a very pleasing off-white color.

Blade: The blade is a very fine matte finished example being in near mint condition. This blade is still crisp throughout the spine and has a good fuller on both sides. The RAD motto “Arbeit adelt” is in crisp condition with 100% of the background darkening. The reverse ricasso is etched with the logo of Alcoso Solingen.

Scabbard: The scabbard has a good crisp pebble pattern on both sides. The scabbard features the curl designs on the upper portion and below the curls are two touching wheat shafts. The lower chape portion duplicates the look with the touching wheat shafts. The throat is retained by two flatter head side screws. The initials "WS" are on the back of the scabbard.

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