NSFK Glider Pilot Knife [M1937] with Hanger by SMF Solingen

Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen

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Stöcker & Co. SMF, Solingen






343 mm


399 g (with Hanger)


Short leather-hanger



Question to product? Product number 1809-7317

NSFK Glider Pilot Knife [M1937] with Hanger by SMF Solingen

German NSFK [Nationalsozialistische Fliegerkorps] Glider Pilot´s Dagger. Model 1937. This NSFK example is of early construction. The mounts are all heavy nickel. NSFK Glider Pilot Knife with SMF Maker.

Grip: The pommel cap has the standard three segments. There is some old frosting that remains on the ferrule below. The center block still has crisp rectangular squares having the separate added medallions which are complete with mobile black enamel swastikas. The crossguard arms are the three segment type which go downwards slightly. The numer  “96” is stamped into one end quillon. There is also frosting evident in the recesses of these quillon arms. The grip is a wood base being bulbous in the center and tapering on both ends. This grip is covered with fine Moroccan leather being two-piece construction.

Blade: This blade retains needlelike tip. The blade has grain in the surfaces. The producer etching is on the reverse ricasso. The etched trademark consists of a seated king which is holding an upward pointing sword. The king is sitting on the firm’s initials, SMF - Stöcker & Co. (Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik), Solingen. This blade is protected by the original matching blue grained leather washer.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is nice and straight. This shell is covered with matching Moroccan leather. This leather is perfect except for a couple of areas along the right edge. We put a couple of small matching leather patches in the area which covers most of the flaw. The scabbard mounts are the solid nickel type and both are in outstanding condition to include the lower ball. The flatter style screws are in the sides and are all in place. The carrying ring is complete with the original short hanger.

Hanger: This short hanger is as nice as they come being of a dark brown leather and having accent lines along all of the edges. This leather is still in pristine condition. The leather is retained by two oval nickel disks which are held in place by two rivets. These disks also have some original frosting on them. The clip is the standard nickel unmarked type.

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