NPEA Chained Leader Dagger [M1936] by Karl Burgsmüller Berlin

Burgsmüller Karl Berlin

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Burgsmüller Karl Berlin




Mehr sein als scheinen. «Be modest but always excel»




370 mm


455 g



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NPEA Chained Leader Dagger [M1936] by Karl Burgsmüller Berlin

NPEA Chained Leader Dagger by Karl Burgsmüller Berlin. Model 1936. The total length is 37,0 cm.

Grip: The grip is a very fine example having high center ridge and vertical grain. It fits the crossguards like a glove. As we see on NPEA's there is no insignia in the upper grip. The grip eagle is a aluminum example. It is the the "high necked" variety and is completely crisp with all detail to the bird's head breast and wing feathering talons wreath and swastika. A fine hilt here.

Blade: The blade of this example shows some age and also signs of some old sharpening. The motto is there but has some wear over the lettering. Little of the factory darkening remains in the recesses. This blade grades at only excellent. On the reverse it is etched "Karl Bergsmüller Berlin". There is a proper brown felt washer but it appears to be a replacement.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. Fitted to the scabbard are the nickel plated three mounts. The upper mount is in excellent condition with a little bit of age in the reverse lower portion, the center ramp is in fine condition showing a little age being the style with no screw as we see with this maker. The lower fitting shows some minor age here and there but the plating is still there. These mounts are complete with the original screws. Connected to the ramps at the upper and center fitting is a aluminum style Luftwaffe chain having five upper links and seven lower links.

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