Imperial Naval Dirk by Paul Weyersberg Solingen

Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen

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Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen


Imperial Naval


double-edged, marine motifs on both sides


419 mm


386 g



Question to product? Product number 1758-SPB141019

Imperial Naval Dirk by Paul Weyersberg Solingen

This Weyersberg  example is very attractive Imperial Naval Dirk. The maker mark is etched by Paul Weyersberg Solingen. Overall is a great example.

Grip: The grip is a very pretty example. There are a couple of surface chips on the upper segment. The grip has an age crack, has nice gold toning. The grip is tightly wrapped with thick, twisted silver wire.

The pommel is one of the extra-cost, high finial types. These finials are way up there, with finely serrated edges supporting the orb and cross at the top. The upper portion of the pommel is hand checkered. The six domed shields that surround the pommel are all pebbled, alternating between designs of Prussian eagles and crosses. The crossguard is the standard Imperial style, having some nice laurel leaves shown in the neck area above the center blocks. The center blocks bear the usual fouled anchors on both sides.

Blade: The blade of this dagger is most desirable. It is in Mint condition and is double etched, featuring the sailing ship motif. It retains a needle-like tip and has 100% of the frosting behind the etched pattern. The obverse depicts a fully rigged sailing ship, flying ensigns and sailing on a bed of sea plants. This ship is highly detailed and a pleasure to study. Above the ship is a fouled anchor, and the etch finishes with floral designs. The reverse ricasso is etched with the Paul Weyersberg trademark.

Scabbard: The scabbard is the lightning bolt type. This scabbard has good detail to the palmettes around the bands, and to the lower lightning bolts, ermine feet, and acanthus leaves. The carrying bands show a little minor wear to the surfaces but the detail to the overlapping oak leaves and acorns is still there. The eyelets have triple serrations, also showing some minor wear. The throat is retained by two headless brass side-screws.

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