Hitler Youth Knife with Motto [Early-period] by F. W. Backhaus Solingen

Backhaus F. W., Solingen

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Backhaus F. W., Solingen


1933-1935 [Early-period]


Blut und Ehre!




257 mm


288 g


Attached leather hanger with a fine belt loop and retaining strap



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Hitler Youth Knife with Motto [Early-period] by F. W. Backhaus Solingen

This Hitler Youth Knife is with Motto. Model 1933-1935 [Early-period]. The total length is 25,7 cm. The Knife has the maker mark on the blade: F. W. Backhaus Solingen.

Grip:  The grip plates are the early, finely checkered Bakelite type. They are in good condition, being retained by nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads. The enamel HJ insignia is in perfect condition throughout.

Blade: The blade of this knife is a nice example. This blade is the early-period type. The reverse of the blade is marked with Logo of the F. W. Backhaus firm; with the firm's name and location, “F. W. Backhaus Solingen”.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell has good, black paint. This paint has a few mild age spots spread evenly throughout the surface. Attached to the scabbard is an excellent leather hanger.

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