Hitler Youth Knife [Late-period] by RZM M7/62 (Friedrich Plücker Jr. Solingen)

Plücker Friedrich Jr., Solingen

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Plücker Friedrich Jr., Solingen


1940-1942 [Late-period]




255 mm


280 g


Attached leather hanger with a fine belt loop and retaining strap


Near Mint

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Hitler Youth Knife [Late-period] by RZM M7/62 (Friedrich Plücker Jr. Solingen)

This Hitler Youth Knife is a Late-period Model (1940-1942). The Knife has the RZM Code: M7/62 (Friedrich Plücker Jr. Solingen).

Grip: The grip plates are the early, finely checkered Bakelite type. They are in fine condition, being retained by nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads.

Blade: The blade of this knife is a mint example. This blade is the late-period type. The reverse of the blade is marked with a RZM circle and code: RZM M7/62 for Friedrich Plücker Jr. Solingen.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell has good, black paint. This paint has a few mild age spots spread evenly throughout the surface. Attached to the scabbard is an excellent leather hanger.

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