Senior Foresters Cutlass - W. Michovius Cottbus by Eickhorn

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen

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Eickhorn Carl, Solingen




W. Michovius Cottbus




475 mm


738 g




Near Mint

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Senior Foresters Cutlass - W. Michovius Cottbus by Eickhorn

This Senior Foresters Cutlass by Eickhorn is in near mint condition throughout. The total length is 47.5 cm. The Cutlass has the maker mark on the blade: Original Eickhorn Solingen, along the spine of the blade is the distributors mark W.MICHOVIUS COTTBUS.

Grip: The grip plates on this cutlass are of fine stag antler. Both plates have three applied acorns on each side. These acorns are the type that have caps on the top and no leaves. The “D” guard is basically plain but for a lined border. Both ends of this guard terminate in stylized deer hooves. The fur on these hooves has good hand-enhanced detailing. The ferrule has a series of similar line decorations. Below the crossguard area is a fluted clamshell. The clamshell has a set of curved and arching teardrop shaped lobes that project out of it, the left lobe being a long, graceful affair and the right quite short. Wrapped about the ferrule is the original-to-the-piece troddel. This troddel is constructed of textured green silk-like strapping, and has a stem of silk wrap and a lower ball in a matching green color.

Blade: The slab sided blade of this cutlass is 33.0 cm in length. This blade is a beauty and having triple etching, un-sharpened, un-tipped and void any nicks or dings the blade is in very desirable condition without all the extras. The etch on the front of the blade depicts a hunting scene with a hunter taking aim at a buck and dog who are running through the woods. On the reverse is a different hunting scene with a hunter and his dogs taking on a big boar. The detail in the etch is just amazing and the darkness in this one is very desirable. Eickhorn forestry pieces are known for there dark etches and it is only when they have been cleaned that you lose the background greying behind the etch. This one is in totally uncleaned condition and almost mint condition. If that is not enough this is not only a double etch but a triple etch, along the spine of the blade is the distributors mark W.MICHOVIUS COTTBUS, Cottbus being the only known distributor of Eickhorn Forestry daggers. Their makers mark can be seen on the reverse of the blade on the ricasso where a stamped squirrel holding a sword can be seen.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is of very fine black leather. Being very simple with a black leather wrapped shell and gilded mounts. This scabbard is in wonderful condition with minimal wear to the leather. The mounts do show wear to the gild and on the top mount where there are obvious signs of where a frog would have rested but has been removed over time.

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