RLB Dagger, 2nd model (1938) German - Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen

Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen
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Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen


2nd model - 1938


368 mm


463 g


near mint

Question to product? Product number 679-0031

RLB Dagger, 2nd model (1938) German - Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen

This eagle faces to the viewer's right, and holds a plain wreath, containing a raised swastika, and pebbling in the backgrounds. The crossguard arms are cut on 45 degree angles at the ends to give them a look of motion. Additionally, they have three line enhancements on both the obverse and the reverse surfaces. A fine guard here. The grip is a choice piece of ebony, having a bulbous center, tapering on both ends. This ebony wood is in absolute good condition, having a fine, black color tone. The applied grip button has the sunburst in the background, and all of the silvering still appears to be there. The black enamel mobile swastika in the center is in good shape, except for the eight o'clock leg, where there is a chip in the enamel. This is a shame, but that is what happens over time. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell has original factory paint.


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