SA Dagger [Early Variant] - Carl Schmidt Solingen

Schmidt Carl & Sohn, Solingen

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Schmidt Carl & Sohn, Solingen


1933-1935 [Early Version]


Alles für Deutschland – (Everything for Germany)


375 mm


459 g




Near Mint

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SA Dagger [Early Variant] - Carl Schmidt Solingen

This early SA Dagger is in first rate condition throughout. Looking at the tang nut, it does not appear as though this dagger has ever been taken down. The nickel parts throughout have an outstanding, dull patina and do not appear to have been cleaned since the war. These crossguards have excellent, smooth surfaces, crisp edges, and precise accent grooves. The lower reverse crossguard is Gruppe marked Wf-Westfalen. The stamping is in the center, but higher up on the crossguard than we normally see them. The grip is a very fine, rich wood, which may be some type of a fruit wood, having some nice, subtle grain, which runs horizontally across the surfaces of both sides. This grain is of medium to high contour construction, and other than a little normal usage, it is still in fine condition throughout. It fits the crossguard edges like a rubber glove. The SA runes button has excellent enamel surfaces, showing a little age around the border edge, and also some greenish color around the lower edge. The nickel grip eagle is the high-necked type, this bird has full details to his eye, breast feathering, wing feathering, talons, wreath, and mobile swastika. A fine hilt here! The scabbard shell is straight throughout. For once, this shell has most desirable anodizing. The anodizing has a copper brown color and appears to be nearly 95% throughout. The lacquer also still appears to be on the surfaces with only the mildest signs of usage. Nice scabbard shell! The matching nickel scabbard mounts are in excellent condition, with the lower ball having just a tiny tap at the very center area, but it is nothing. The original screws are all in place, and are unturned. The hardware is matching solid nickel, and the unmarked clip is the conventional shaped type. The blade is as nice as they come. This blade has 100% of the original crossgrain with a needle like tip. The SA motto is extremely crisp with 100% of the dark black backgrounds. This blade is easily in full mint condition. The reverse is with the maker Carl Schmidt Sohn A.-G. Solingen. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour, and there is a shiny part on the crossguard area that seals against the scabbard throat. A very nice, untouched, uncleaned, early SA here.

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