Luftwaffe Dagger [1937] with Hangers - C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen

Spitzer C. Gustav, Solingen

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Spitzer C. Gustav, Solingen


M1937 - 2nd Model




435 mm


468 g (with Hangers)


blue canvas backs which replace the earlier velvet type


Near mint

Question to product? Product number 1059-31214II

Luftwaffe Dagger [1937] with Hangers - C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen

This 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger, produced by Alcoso, is an absolute textbook example, and is in fine condition overall. It is most likely a wartime piece, as it is equipped with a white grip. The pommel and crossguard are a darker aluminum tone. The oak leaves on both sides of this pommel are all completely hand enhanced and really are the best you will see. Both of the swastikas seem to have more relief and crispness than on the normal pommel. The backgrounds have all been factory darkened. A great looking pommel here. The bird is flying to the left and there is excellent detail to the bird’s eye, beak, breast feathering, legs and talons. This bird, of course, grasps a mobile swastika in his claws. The reverse panel is also a good example having still crisp pebbling with nearly all of the darkening being intact. This crossguard has outstanding engraved oak leaves and acorns within a panel. A nice crossguard here! The grip is a fine off-white example which is turning to a pleasing ivory color. This grip is in totally perfect condition and is wrapped with thin twisted brass wire. The scabbard is a generic type and it has good pebbling throughout. There is some age darkening to the airplane gray coating but it is not bad and matches nicely with the dagger’s hilt parts. The throat is a thinner style and it is retained by a single headless center placed flush mount screw. The blade of this example is a beauty. It is completely mirror bright and has all of its crossgraining and nice sharp point. This blade grades in full mint. The reverse ricasso is etched with the rarely seen trademark. It features a circle surrounded by the firm's name and location, C. Gustav Spitzer Solingen. Inside is a prancing lion, one paw raised, with a flickering tongue and upward pointed tail. The original, small-style leather blade buffer is in place.

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