DLV 1934 Long Dagger, Type 1 - WKC Solingen

Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC

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Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie. WKC


1934 – 1st Type




556 mm


610 g (with Chain)


A double chain suspension hanger having nine upper and fourteen lower rings.



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DLV 1934 Long Dagger, Type 1 - WKC Solingen

Extremly Rare DLV Flyers Dagger by WKC Solingen. The German Air Sports Formation incorporated all German civilian aero clubs in March, 1933, under the aegis of its newly-appointed head, Bruno Loerzer. Three principle groups made up the initial DLV organization: flyers of motor-driven aircraft; flyers of gliders; and flyers of balloons. The DLV was subsequently dissolved in April, 1937, in order to bring all civilian aviation activities under Nazi control. The DLV Flyers Dagger is significant fort wo reasons: it served as the forerunner oft the Standard First Model Luftwaffe dagger, and it is by far the longest of all oft he standard Nazi daggers. The metal fittings of both the hilt and the scabbard are constructed of nickel. The wooden grip and scabbard are wrapped im dark blue leather. Grip is without wire wrapping. The circular pommel features a brass pinwheel swastika that matches the configuration oft he swastika utilizied on both sides of crossguard. The tip oft he lower scabbard fitting is longer than the standard 1935 Luftwaffe Dagger and has four ridges instead oft two.

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