Subordinate Forestry Cutlass by Clemen & Jung Solingen

Clemen & Jung, Solingen
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Clemen & Jung, Solingen


Subordinate Forestry Cutlass




410 mm


498 g (with Frog)




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Subordinate Forestry Cutlass by Clemen & Jung Solingen

This Subordinate Forestry Cutlass by Clemen & Jungis in Near Mint condition throughout. The total length is 41.0 cm. The Cutlass has the maker mark on the blade: Clemen & Jung Solingen.

Grip: The grip plates on this cutlass are of fine stag antler. The areas where the grips were trimmed have turned to a golden tone. Both plates have three applied acorns on each side. These acorns are the type that have caps on the top and no leaves. The “D” guard is basically plain but for a lined border. Both ends of this guard terminate in stylized deer hooves. The fur on these hooves has good hand-enhanced detailing. The ferrule has a series of similar line decorations. Below the crossguard area is a fluted clamshell.

Blade: The slab sided blade of this cutlass is 27.5 cm in length. This blade is a beauty and having triple etching. The obverse etch depicts the familiar hunter, outfitted with a rifle and a cutlass, running after a wild boar which is being harried by his hunting dogs. Next we see a game bird flying around a spray of oak leaves. The spine of the blade is etched with more oak leaves. The reverse ricasso of the blade is deeply stamped with the trademark of the Clemen & Jung Solingen firm, and the original brown leather blade washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is of very fine black leather which shows little age. The leather is sewn up the rear and is decorated with twin accent lines that run down the edges of both sides. The matching brass scabbard mounts are relatively plain except for scalloped edges where they meet the shell. The upper mount is equipped with a fine lug in the shape of an acorn with a detailed cap. The lower mount is decorated with twin lines. These mounts are retained by staples in the usual fashion, and there is a matching number that can be seen beneath both of them.

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