RLB EM Dagger 2nd Model (M1938) by Gustav Spitzer Solingen

Spitzer C. Gustav, Solingen

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Spitzer C. Gustav, Solingen


M1938, 2nd Model




370 mm


463 g


Assmann Leather Hanger



Question to product? Product number 1680-SPB24916

RLB EM Dagger 2nd Model (M1938) by Gustav Spitzer Solingen

This 1938 Model RLB [Reichsluftschutzbund] Dagger is in EXC+ condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the firm’s name and location: Gustav Spitzer Solingen.

Grip: The grip is an ebony example. This insignia is the style with a background sunburst. Some of the silvering has worn from the surfaces, revealing the copper base metal beneath. The enamel swastika is in fine condition. The pommel is in the characteristic derby shape with an equatorial band. The crossguard features a stubby-winged Art Deco-style eagle clutching a smooth wreath and swastika. The quillons are decorated with cut lines and the ends are cut at 45 angles, presumably to impart a look of motion.

Blade: The RLB blade of this dagger is nice and bright, retaining the original factory crossgrain. The tip of the blade remains needle-like. The reverse ricasso is marked with the Gustav Spitzer Solingen Lion logo, and the original leather blade washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard has original black paint. Attached to the scabbard is the triangular hanger retainer wire. The hanger is attached, with a nickel clip and supple leather. The snap clip is nickel plated and marked with Assmann, DRGM and RZM M5/8.

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