Red Cross Social Welfare Officer Dagger [M1938]

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M1938 - Social Welfare




383 mm


505 g



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Red Cross Social Welfare Officer Dagger [M1938]

This DRK [Deutsches Rotes Kreuz] Red Cross Social Welfare Officer's Dagger is in EXC+ condition throughout. Model 1938. The total length is 38.3 cm.

Grip: The grip of this example is a very fine dark pumpkin orange. This Red Cross Officer Dagger is in fine condition throughout having excellent plating to the hilt mounts. The cover screw at the pommel top has been out a few times but remains tight and the dagger is also nice and tight accordingly. The crossguard features a good raised out half closed-winged eagle which looks to the viewer’s left. The bird has a raised out mobile swastika on his chest and clutches a Geneva cross in his talons.

Blade: The blade of this example is still nice. There are some extremely modest signs of age. The ricasso area has the traditional nickel-plated surfaces. The original black leather washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard is nice and straight with good crisp pebbling. There is only the tiniest signs of a little age on the scabbard. The bands are the style which have sharp ridges. The throat of this example is retained by one side mounted dome head screw, one is missing.

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