Land Customs Official's Dagger [1937] by Clemen & Jung Solingen

Clemen & Jung, Solingen

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Clemen & Jung, Solingen






415 mm


338 g



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Land Customs Official's Dagger [1937] by Clemen & Jung Solingen

This Land Customs Official's Dagger is in EXC++ condition. Model 1937. The total length is 41.5 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark Clemen & Jung Solingen.

Grip: The carved wooden grip is covered in dark green leather. This leather remains in fine condition. Much of the original grain has been smoothed down but the grip looks fine. It is tightly wrapped with twisted silver wire. The aluminum crossguard is a beauty, with fine, smooth surfaces on the reverse. The eagle has the traditional wing tips which curve upward, and retains full, sharp detailing throughout. The top of the pommel cap shows some normal wear and has a couple of minor hits along the edges, but it is not too bad. The 14 standing Customs style oak leaves (with the points at the top) have each been hand enhanced. The same is true of the oak leaves on the aluminum ferrule. Wrapped about the hilt is a near mint condition 42 cm portepee.

Blade: The blade is in EXC++ condition, a mirror finish. This blade is stamped on the obverse and reverse with the “Clemen & Jung Solingen” Logo.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is a fine, straight example, constructed of steel. It is covered in original dark green leather which remains in excellent condition, with only modest wear and most of the grain. It nicely matches that used on the grip. The mounts are nickel-plated steel and remain in excellent condition. They are the type with decorative lines on obverse edges, rained by headless screws set on the left hand side. The throat is the type that is built into the upper scabbard mount.

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