Senior Forestry Cutlass with Swastika by Carl Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen

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Eickhorn Carl, Solingen




Für Verdienste um das Deutsche Waidwerk, vom Deutschen Jagdschutz-Verband


503 mm


714 g



Question to product? Product number 1710-SPB221016

Senior Forestry Cutlass with Swastika by Carl Eickhorn Solingen

This Senior Forestry Cutlass with Swastika by Eickhorn is in EXC++ condition throughout. The total length is 50.3 cm. The Cutlass has the maker mark on the blade: Eickhorn Solingen.

Grip: The grip plates are a most attractive Elfenbein. These plates have some visible grain and have a slightly golden tone to them. The 2/3 applied acorns are in place on both sides of the grip. These acorns are the style with two leaves above them. In the middle is the DJ emblem with swastika. The “D” guard is a beauty, having raised oak leaves and acorns which run the length of both sides. Where the “D” guard intersects the crossguard there is a series of of oak leaf sprigs on both sides. The quillon ends in a deer hoof. There is a great deal of hand enhancement evident throughout the “D” guard and crossguard. The clamshell is the style with a upturned projection from the left side, ending in a teardrop. The clamshell itself is decorated with a large stag surrounded by leaves. The stag has been extensively hand enhanced.

Blade: The triple etched blade is also in gorgeous condition. This blade is 34,9 cm long and has 100% of the original frosting in the backgrounds of the etched hunting scenes. The obverse has the inscription: Für Verdienste um das Deutsche Waidwerk. The reverse etch is also in spectacular condition with this inscription: Vom Deutschen Jagdschutz-Verband.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is of black leather, with dual decorative lines that run the length of both sides. The reverse of the scabbard is sewn up the center. The mounts are of brass with scalloped edges. The lower scabbard mount has oak leaf sprigs at the top and bottom. These mounts are retained by steel staples.

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