DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - F.&A. Helbig Steinbach

Helbig F.&A. GAEFLER, Steinbach

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Helbig F.&A. GAEFLER, Steinbach






343 mm


409 g (with Hanger)


Short leather-hanger


Near Mint

Question to product? Product number 1886-EOL12618

DLV Glider Pilot Knife [M1934] with Hanger - F.&A. Helbig Steinbach

German DLV [Deutscher Luftsportverband] Glider Pilot´s Dagger. Model 1934 - 1st version. This early DLV Glider Pilot's Dagger is in near mint condition. A superior Glider Pilot's Dagger here which should go very nicely with an advanced collection.

Grip: The Dagger has fine heavy nickel mounts throughout. The pommel is the three segment type and is in good condition. The crossguard features the square center block having the medallions added on both sides which are complete with black enamel mobile swastikas. The crossguard arms flow nicely downward and are in good condition. The one quillon end is stamped with the letter “K”. The carved wood based grip is more bulbous in the center and tapers to both ends. It is covered with fine Moroccan leather. This leather is done in two pieces and remains in perfect condition throughout with only minor wear to the grain.

Blade: The blade on this example is in bright mint condition having fine needlelike tip and full crossgrain. A fine mint example here. The reverse ricasso is etched with a double ellipse. The ellipse contains the firm’s name and location, F.&A. Helbig Steinbach Kr. M. The center of the ellipse has the word, Gaeffler. The original leather blade buffer is in place protecting this fine blade.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell also has outstanding matching Moroccan leather. There are a couple of wear signs on the edges but no real problems. This scabbard leather is excellent. The scabbard mounts are matching heavy nickel both being in good condition. The lower ball has a couple of extremely minor taps but they are nothing. These mounts are retained by the flatter head side screws which are unturned. The throat is stamped with the DLV marking which consists of a swastika over a propeller.

Hanger:The scabbard is equipped with the hanging ring as well as a short hanger. In the case of this example the short hanger has been period replaced. This replacement hanger is longer than the norm being approximately an inch or so longer but it looks great being reattached using the original two nickel disks. The rivets that were used appear to be almost nails but apparently that was available to the person that made this correction. The original snap clip is present being an unmarked matching nickel type. There is no question that this hanger is original to this piece as the upper portion of the leather has formed to a circular pattern around the ring. The leather also has some age to it although it is still in fine condition.

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DLV Fliegermesser mit Gehänge - F.& A. Helbig Steinbach

Ein wunderschönes Stück,das meine Sammlung ungemein bereichert,und der Beschreibung voll entspricht !!Man kann sich beim anschauen sehr daran erfreuen und es wird bestimmt nicht mein letztes Stück sein was ich bei DGDE erstehe !
mit freundlichen Sammlergruß J.G.

Wrote by Jörns G. on 14.06.2018


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