Single Etched Army Long Bayonet by Original Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen

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Eickhorn Carl, Solingen




Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit




403 mm


565 g




Near Mint

Question to product? Product number 1426-29216II

Single Etched Army Long Bayonet by Original Eickhorn Solingen

This Single Etched Army Long Bayonet in Near Mint condition. The Bayonet is with the maker mark Original Eickhorn Solingen.

Grip: The grip plates are in perfect condition, being the black checkered type. There are retained by steel rivets with dressed obverse heads. The nickel hilt plating on this bayonet is remains excellent throughout, being 100% intact. The mortise button and blade lock work well.

Blade: The long blade has a wide fuller. This blade has a tiny amount of scratching on the reverse but the etches are still perfect. The etched center blade, Pattern #3219, has two ribbons with the standard remembrance surrounded by oak leaves. At the bottom and top of the etch are Wehrmacht eagles with mobile, open swastikas. The frosting is perfect in the backgrounds, nicely accented the raised portions of the etch, The reverse ricasso is stamped with a typical example of the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original brown leather blade washer is in place.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell of this example is straight throughout. The paint is very good and nearly 100% intact, with the original factory brightness. The attached patent leather frog is in good shape and very serviceable.

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