Lot of badges and documents of the German Luftwaffe

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Lot of badges and documents of the German Luftwaffe

Convolute of badges and documents of the Luftwaffe from the family of the carrier.

Iron Cross [EK] 1939, 2nd class. Ring with maker's mark - 24 (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hanauer Plakettenhersteller). Total weight 19 g. Dimensions: 44.71 x 44.75 mm.

Pilot's badge 1935 by BSW (Brüder Schneider Wien). Reverse with manufacturer: BSW. Total weight 31 g. Dimensions: 42.86 (66.33) x 53.45 mm.

Squadron Clasp for Short Range Night Fighter, the arrow tinted. Total weight 18 g. Dimensions: 76.12 x 26.25 mm.

Air Force pilot's license. The Luftwaffe pilot license is issued on 01.02.1944 by L.k.S. 5.-fhi.-Lehrg., With photo and all pages.

Luftwaffe - Flight logbook for an airman, started on 7.08.1943 and last flight on 14.02.1943, a total of 499 registered flights.

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Luftwaffe map book

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