Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword [M1935] with Hanger - Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen

Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen

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Weyersberg Paul & Co., Solingen


M1935 [Early Version]




939 mm


969 g


Integral, blue leather hanger


near mint (Uncleaned)

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Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword [M1935] with Hanger - Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen

Early Luftwaffe Sword. Paul Weyersberg, sword and wreath within double-oval TM. Silver-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear with no loss of plating to background of the pommel and crossguard swastikas and no damage to the well detailed crossguard feathering. Blue leather grip shows minor wear and a few nips to leather but, no major rips or tears and is complete with double-twisted wire-wrap. Plated blade grades factory new. Reverse blade is stamped with a Waffen-Amt stylized eagle and the number 5 below the trademark, and is complete with blue leather blade buffer pad. Dent-free, blue leather covered scabbard shell matches the color of the grip and shows some minor age to leather. Dent-free, silver-plated, upper and lower scabbard fittings show light wear/age patina matching the hilt fittings but, no depressions, and are complete with all four, undamaged retaining screws. The integral, blue leather hanger grading EX++. Nice, early marked Luftwaffe sword.
This early Luftwaffe Sword is in the new Book by Ralf Siegert "Die Blankwaffen des DLV, NSFK und der Luftwaffe" on pages: 294, 295, 312, 313. A certificate of R. Siegert and a copy of the book are included.


1 Review(s)

Schönes Schwert

Wenn ähnliches verfügbar ist, hätte ich gerne Interesse. Danke.

Wrote by Uwe H. on 15.04.2015


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