HJ (Hitler Youth) Knife, German - Emil Voos Solingen

Voos Emil, Solingen

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Voos Emil, Solingen




Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!)




260 mm


300 g


Black Leather



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HJ (Hitler Youth) Knife, German - Emil Voos Solingen

This Hitler Youth Knife is a very fine example. The nickel plating throughout the hilt is excellent showing just the slightest of wear on the area beneath the leather cover strap and also just slight thinning at the surface of the obverse crossguard, but other than this the plating is still 100% throughout and retains its original factory brightness. The grip plates are the standard black checkered variety in perfect condition. The obverse plate has the HJ insignia. This insignia wiggles as it should, and it has perfect red, white, gold and black swastika enamel. The grip plates are retained by nickel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse. A fine hilt here! The scabbard shell is straight throughout being a tapered steel tube type. The scabbard shell has excellent original black paint which does show some age in the surfaces but still remains at about 85%. A little work with this paint could substantially improve its look. Attached to the scabbard reverse is the original leather hanger with short retainer loop having working snap. The blade is really a fine example. This blade still has the majority of its original crossgraining and still has fine bright surfaces throughout both sides. There are only runner marks and the most modest of age. The motto is deeply Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!). Maker of the Knife is Emil Voos, Solingen.

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