Heeresdolche - A reference guide for Collectors by Hessels & Rieske

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Ger Hessels, Danny Rieske


German & English




June 2016


500 pieces book

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Heeresdolche - A reference guide for Collectors by Hessels & Rieske

Heeresdolche - A reference guide for Collectors by Ger Hessels and Danny Rieske).

This book is about the German army officer’s dagger worn during the 1935-1945 period.

Although the quality of these German daggers is unsurpassed, their construction has an attribute that has left many collectors disappointed, and has caused debates on World War 2 forums all over the world. These daggers are very easily taken apart, which in many cases led to the exchange of fittings between different daggers. This exchange of fittings started very early on in the hobby. Even Veterans assembled or customized their daggers. Grips, pommels and crossguards were swapped with other ones. Because of this, today it is not easy to tell which daggers are all original and which ones have exchanged fittings.

This book will not only be a great help for the novice collector, but will be a great reference book for the seasoned collector as well.

2 Review(s)

Was anderes zu Ralf Siegert Büchern

Was anderes zu Ralf Siegert Büchern, aber durch die zahlreichen Bilder jedes Dolches, gut zum Vergleich.

Wrote by Jürgen B. on 15.12.2016

Very nice reference book

Love this book, many pictures.

Wrote by Adam G. on 17.07.2016


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