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Purchase: SA Full Rohm Honor Dagger [Ernst Röhm] by F. Dick Esslingen

Dick Friedrich, Esslingen

This SA [Sturmabteilung] Honor Dagger in EXC++ condition. Model 1933. The total length is 37.2 cm. Early Nickel fittings, lower guard with "Sw" stamp. The Dagger has the full rohm inscription: In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Rohm. Maker mark on the blade: F. Dick Esslingen.

Grip: The mounts on this example are all solid nickel. The lower crossguard is Gruppe marked, “Sw”. The grip is a fine furniture-like wood. This grip is of medium contour construction and is in nice condition. The SA runes button has good enamel and is perfectly placed.

Blade: The blade is in EXC++ uncleaned condition. The SA motto is crisp and deep. The reverse ricasso is complete, with the original trademark, featuring an arrow and the firm's name and location, "F. Dick Esslingen". Full Rohm inscription: In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Rohm. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The upper nickel mount is in good condition. These mounts are retained by the original screws. There is a fine short hanger, which appears original-to-the-piece. The leather to this hanger is still nice and supple, and is complete with a small retainer loop.

  • SA Full Rohm Honor Dagger [Ernst Röhm] by F. Dick Esslingen

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