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Purchase: Imperial German Prussian Officer’s Sword Degen M1889 with damascus blade

This Imperial Model 89 Infantry Sword is in EXC++ condition with a triple etching blade.

Grip: The grip is totally intact and in very fine condition. The grip has a good deep bluish-purple coloration. This grip is tightly wrapped with a skein of triple twist brass wire, the center strand being of larger proportion. On the obverse center of the grip is the cypher of Kaiser Wilhelm, “WRII”. The monogram has a Prussian crown above it. The hilt shows some desirable toning to the brass throughout. The pommel cap as well as the areas below are all smooth, with no raised features or engravings. The basket flows downward into an open area which features a crowned Prussian eagle grasping a scepter as well as a sword. The eagle has the cypher of the Imperial family, “WRII”. There is a leather finger loop in place, having a white color. The leather of the loop does show wear but it is intact and reasonably sound.

Blade: The blade is forged of genuine damascus steel and has triple etching. The damascus pattern is very prominent and impressive. The obverse blade has a dedication, "Rudolf Franke 1/5 1903, Erfurt".

Scabbard: The scabbard is a straight example, looking to have the original paint. Overall it is about 98% intact.

  • Imperial German Prussian Officer’s Sword Degen M1889 with damascus blade

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