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Purchase: RAD EM Hewer with "Full Stag" by Carl Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Carl, Solingen

This "FULL STAG" RAD Dagger by Eickhorn is in EXC++ condition throughout. Model 1934 for RAD Hewer. The total length is 39.8 cm. The Hewer has the maker mark on the blade: Carl Eickhorn Solingen.

Grip: This full stag RAD Hewer is in untouched condition. The grip plates are the full stag type. Both pieces of stag completely cover the eagle's pommel beak. The stag plates are retained by screws and spanner nuts. These screws do not look to have been turned in many years.

Blade: The blade is with single fuller on both sides. The motto on the obverse is quite deeply etched, and still crisp. The reverse ricasso is matching etched,with the RAD triangle positioned above the patent pending words, [Ges. Gesch]. Beneath this is the trademark used from 1933-1935. It consists of double ovals which contain the firm's name and location CARL EICKHORN SOLINGEN. Inside is a seated squirrel with serrated tail, holding a nut in his paws. The squirrel is positioned over the firm's initials, C. E.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight thoughout. This shell has its black paint which is showing some age, and some rust surfaces beneath the paint. The scabbard mounts are the early silver over nickel base. This mount depicts an RAD shovel, with lined surfaces, having a contrasting, smooth mobile swastika in the center of the spade. The mount is decorated along the borders with beaded circles. The same beaded circles appear on the border of the upper mount, and above these are the RAD curls. These curls are deeply stamped.

  • RAD EM Hewer with "Full Stag" by Carl Eickhorn Solingen

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