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Purchase: SA Dagger [Late Version] by RZM M7/116 (Franz Frenzel Böhmen)

Frenzel Franz FRENIXWERK, Böhmen

This SA [Sturmabteilung] Dagger in near mint condition. Model 1939-1942. The total length is 37.5 cm. The Dagger has the rare RZM Code on the blade: RZM M7/116 (Franz Frenzel Böhmen). Leather Hanger marked with RZM M5/25.

Grip: The grip on this example is one of the walnut types. It has extremely high ridge contours, the center ridge being almost sharp to the touch. The wood is most beautiful, with a close grain that runs throughout both sides. The SA runes button is perfectly placed and has no hits to the enamel. The grip is in perfect condition and fits the crossguards.

Blade: The blade of this example is in MINT condition. The SA motto is nice and crisp. The reverse of the blade is matching etched on the ricasso with a double RZM circle with shading in the center. It is positioned above the code for theFranz Frenzel Böhmen maker, «M7/116». The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell has a fine brown coat of paint. The paint is still 99% and still has its fine factory newness to the color. The scabbard mounts are the nickel-plated steel variety. The mounts are retained by screws which still retain their nickel plating.

  • SA Dagger [Late Version] by RZM M7/116 (Franz Frenzel Böhmen)

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