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Purchase: Luftschutz M38 Helmet [Gladiator] - RL2-40/14

German M38 Luftschutz Helmet - Steel helmet, magnetic, original RLB blue painted exterior. This is a three piece M38 type Luftschutz helmet, the helmet is in exc+ condition, complete with liner and leather chinstrap. The helmet is size '59' marked. The helmet retains most of its blue-grey paint, the Luftschutz decal is placed on front and is present for about 95%. The reverse interior neck guard apron is marked: 'RL2-40/14 - E. Martin Scheithauer KG, Zwönitz Sachsen'. Measures 313 x 272 mm, in EXC+ condition.

  • Luftschutz M38 Helmet [Gladiator] - RL2-40/14

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