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Purchase: Luftwaffe Dagger [M1935] by Robert Klaas Solingen

Klaas Robert, Solingen

This 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger has the early, nickel upper mounts with silver plated steel scabbard mounts.. Model 1935. The total length is 49.6 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: Robert Klaas Solingen.

Grip: The grip is of carved wood and is covered in blue Moroccan leather. This grip remains in perfect condition throughout, and is tightly wrapped with a skein of three silver wires, the center strand being twisted. The pommel is in excellent shape, with nearly all of the silvering in place between the legs of the sunwheels. The sunwheels are the medallion insert type in bright brass. There are a couple of minor traces of wear along the rim of the pommel. The crossguard sunwheels exactly match the pommel. The crossguard quillons are in the characteristic downswept tripartite design, much like a stylized set of wings.

Blade: The blade of this piece is a 309 mm example. It is a real beauty, being in near mint condition, with highest quality nickel-plated surfaces. The original blue leather blade washer is in place, in good condition and showing only minor wear.

Scabbard: The scabbard shell of this piece is straight throughout, and is also covered in Moroccan leather. The obverse of this scabbard is in fairly good condition. They are retained by headless side screws. The original chain hanger is in place, in good condition and equipped with a matching clip.

  • Luftwaffe Dagger [M1935] by Robert Klaas Solingen

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